Liberate your employees from mundane, repetitive financial workflows.

Introducing powerfual cognitive robotic process automation: we use proprietary AI and natural language processing (NLP) to understand your orders, contracts and documents. Our software then deploys automation routines, or "bots" to perform the repetitive work that your employees hate. Our robotic workforce can perform your back office functions 24-7, with no downtime and with uncompromising accuracy.

Businesses use our technology to effortlessly enforce contractual commitments and autonomously deliver continuous, real-time accounting. Every time you formalise a contract, and every time you deliver work, your accounting records will be instantaneously updated - no human involvement needed.

Harness the power of Staple's digital robotic workforce.

Multiple Powerful Features. One Tidy Package.


A workforce that never rests

Deploy a team of virtual robotic accountants to manage the most repetitive tasks in your Finance function. Deployed bots can perform repetitive tasks 20x-25x faster than a human. Liberate your team from mundane tasks and let them focus on making your business great.


Cognitive robotic processes

Our bots can do so much more than simple repetitive "copy and paste" tasks. The integration of our proprietary AI with our software bots enables them to learn and perform cognitive tasks like understanding contracts and reviewing work performance.


Guaranteed data entry accuracy

Our software eliminates the risk of human data entry errors that typically arise when accountants and clerks conduct mundane, repetitive tasks for prolonged periods. Those tasks aren't meant for humans. People make mistakes. Our bots don't.


Living contract technology

Your business is always moving, but contracts and orders stand still once the ink dries. Our technology brings contracts to life to ensure that your financial records are always synchronised with the latest contracts and your business activities.

Living contract

Self-managing contracts

Each time you formalise a contract, and every time you deliver work, your accounting records will be instantaneously updated - no human involvement needed. Focus on your company's business, not the paperwork that comes afterwards.


Real-time accounting

Experience the power of real-time accounting, for the first time. Accounting entries and financial documents are updated and issued immediately after trigger events, anytime, anywhere. Month-end and period-end closure processes are a thing of the past.

How Staple Works

Capture contracts, orders and agreements

Our platform uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand and interpret contracts, orders and agreements. Staple's NLP process uses artificial intelligence to extract the key commitments made by all counterparties to a contract, order or agreement.

Staple's platform then ensures that the commitments of both counterparties are cryptographically sealed, logged and monitored for future performance.

Interpret into actionable data points

Staple understands the financial, accounting and risk implications of every commitment your business makes. It also understands the implications of the commitments that other parties make to your business.

Staple records these commitments into actionable data such as debit or credit entries, risk red flags or reminders for late payment.

Convert into financial and risk insights

Our uniquely designed executive dashboard delivers accruate real-time insights regarding financial position, financial performance and risk exposure stemming from your business commitments.

Staple doesn't just provide insights for any given point in time, it also utilises predictive analytics to provide forecasts of future accessible cash and working capital.

Listen and log performance

Staple integrates with your business's ERP, IMS, accounting systems and where necessary, IoT sensors. It listens for deliveries of goods and for completion of agreed-upon services and activities. The system recognises the completion of activities in the real world and how those activities correlate with contracted commitments. This ensures that your business understands the status of its obligations at any given point in time, all the time.

Monitor, fulfil and record commitments

Staple utilises robotic process automation (RPA) to provide your business with a fully responsive digital workforce. Your digital workforce responds to real world events such as delivery or job completion, and in response, can close orders, issue invoices or chase outstanding payments.

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